White Acrylic Donut Wall 
The new alternative to a cake or sweets but without the same price tag!
Perfect for a Coporate Events and all events
Supply your own donuts or we can supply Krispy Kreme Donuts for you for additional charge.

This wall can fit 40 donuts or each peg can fit 2 donuts making 80 donuts double stacked.

Please contact us if you wish for us to branded the wall for your event.

If you want us to take the stress out of your day we can provide ‘Krispy Kremes’ for you see price packages.

Hire of White Acrylic Donut Wall and Clear Easel

Donut wall: Donut wall only hire
  • Please note from time to time your product may not be available on your given date or we have too many events on that weekend. If you have paid and we are not available we will refund you straight away. if you are unsure you can always email us beforehand.